10 Most Fabulous Jayne Mansfield Costumes

I’ll take one of each … Please and thank you!

1.  Arguably the most famous of Jayne’s costumes, this sparkling red dress was worn in the film ” The Girl Can’t Help It ”

jayne mansfield the girl can't help it! (64)




2.  In the film ” Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” Jayne, as Rita Marlowe the Hollywood starlet,  boards her private jet in a full leopard print suit, with matching luggage, heels and over sized glasses of course!



3. The sheer dress Jayne wears in ” Too Hot to Handle ” would not have gotten past the censors were it not for all the divine crystals  that had been meticulously and strategically placed.



4. In ” The Girl Can’t Help It” (yes again) Jayne is costumed in a gorgeous, poufy yet fitted ball gown. Absolutely breathtaking!



5.  Once again, ” The Girl Can’t Help It” Jayne wears the cutest swimsuit/day dress combo. I have been on the lookout for the perfect yellow swimsuit ever since I saw this.






6. This dress only makes a momentary appearance but it is so fabulous it was worth adding to the list. From the film “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” the “money dress”. Complete with gold coin earrings/bracelet and a dollar bill head piece.


7.  In the film “Kiss Them for Me” Jayne wears this incredibly chic trench coat with fur cuffs  ( faux fur in today’s world of course!) . There is something so fabulous about a tan trench, I’m not sure why.


jayne mansfield kiss them for me (7)

8. This look is the epitome of old hollywood glamour to me. The Boudior fashion was so extravagant. In ” Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? ” Jayne wears a matching baby pink turban and towel along with chandelier earrings.

images (1)


imagesimages (2)

9. In the film ” It Happened in Athens ” Jayne wears a sexy version of a toga…


Bravo to the designer for making an unflattering garment absolutely chic.

febc2ec7f96406c8590d376f1db1d5e7jayne mansfield it happened in athens (7)

10. Yes. Again.  In “The Girl Can’t Help It” Jayne wears a silk gown with fur ( faux fur for today) details and a fur stole. The hourglass shape of this dress perfectly accentuates Jayne’s figure and is the epitome of sex symbol glamour.